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We help our clients implement their best ideas for driving growth. Our passion and focus is enabling every sales channel to implement your vision and strategy. DSG’s approach incorporates a blend of consulting, training, change management, and best practice insight gained over the past 20 years of client engagements.

We are viewed by clients as an accelerator that bridges the divide between business strategy and customer engagement, between marketing strategy and sales execution, and between branding and customer conversations. Our best ideas, playbooks, and change programs are created as DSG consultants collaborate with client thought leaders in workshops, phone conferences, and web meetings.

“DSG is a key resource I look to for insights and perspective on both sales and sales leadership effectiveness. Across the Citrix organization, DSG is viewed as the sales strategy and methodology expert we leverage to equip our global sales team. Over the past 8 years of sustained growth and expansion, DSG has been a committed partner on a broad range of strategic and tactical sales enablement projects and I truly consider them part of my team.”

Why DSG?

Client-Specific Playbooks

DSG builds practical Playbooks that provide well packaged, consumable content and tools to every channel. Playbooks are directly connected to your growth strategy, products, customer segments, competitive landscape and market niche.

Your Best + Our Best

DSG’s approach is client specific. We do not believe DSG has ‘all the answers’. The DSG alternative is to mix your best with our best. Your best practices based on the success and experience of top performers and leaders across the organization. Our insight gained through client collaboration and the background of our seasoned consultants.

Practical Application

Our clients are not looking for DSG to simply drop off ROFs, playbooks, training programs or leadership guides. Collaboration with each client’s thought leaders and top performers results in content, tools, and training that are intended to be useful and practical in the real world.

Client-Tested Experience

DSG brings 20 years experience in strategy implementation that leverages insight from 500+ client engagements, a broad range of clients across industry verticals, and successful programs with start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. DSG brings more than just our delivery team.

Change Management Approach

A shift in strategy inevitably requires a change in sales behavior. While measurable change can be elusive and takes time, it is achievable when you commit to the DSG’s proven roadmap for achieving quick wins in parallel to setting the foundation for lasting behavior change.

Our Team

“The desire to do something because you find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging
inspires the highest levels of creativity, whether it’s the arts, sciences, or business.”

-Teresa Amabile, Professor of Business Administration & Research Director Harvard University

Of course we seek out consultants with operational experience leading sales and marketing organizations. Yes, our consultants are seasoned veterans who can quickly earn credibility with a skeptical team of top performers. No, we do not deploy ‘junior consultants’. However, the ‘DNA of a DSG Consultant’ is less about their biography and more about their personal values and their commitment to leveraging DSG insight based on 20 years of client collaboration.

Our consultants are satisfied when our Executive Sponsor is the hero. When a client is pleased with the momentum created at a leadership workshop or launch event. Simply said, “DSG wins when the client wins!”

DSG builds a client engagement team by carefully matching the capabilities and experience of our delivery resources with the requirements of each client project. Core roles on a project team include:

Engagement Leader
The Engagement Leader provides overall leadership for the client relationship and leads the DSG team within each individual workstream. This consultant is responsible for client direction and satisfaction.

The consultant owns the primary responsibility for implementing discovery activities, facilitating workshops, designing playbooks, and writing content.

The Trainer leads face-to-face and virtual training workshops focused on practical application of new selling strategies, messaging, processes or best practices.

Project Manager
The Project Manager ensures effectiveness and efficiency throughout the client delivery process. Primary responsibilities include project planning, logistics, client communication, discovery support, and design support.

Graphic Designer
The Graphic Designer creates and updates each deliverable, making sure that every playbook, tool, report, presentation, and handout is ready for print or online publication.

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